My name is Andoni Zorbas and I hope you all are doing wonderful!

I have created this site especially for my "extended family:" fans, friends, family members that are interested in following my daily comings and goings.

Acting business involves so many talented people working together to achieve one common goal “the film”.

I believe honesty with a tenacious heart and a wise mind.  That’s why I super value  the  precious moments in life can always be constant , life is not just  about how to be the best actor I can be, but ultimately, to be the best person “

The general reason as to why I created this site is that I am completing a very large amount of time entitled „Acting-Film-Drama”, that I have a great admiration for.   This can be very time consuming as I need to classify all the methods to bring out the best possible results, so I opened up a forum for discussions of various subjects in acting-film-drama.

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I encourage you to explore my site, so that you can learn more about my mission for creating this page. Here you will find reviews and articles, casual and special photos that you might not see otherwise. Please let me know how helpful it was to you

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